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About Us

Gammagrafik Ltd. was established in 1995.

In 2001 Gammagrafik Ltd. won a tender for which the beneficiary was the State Tax Administration of Ukraine to supply special numbered seals “Means of Control” to service centers. The design and model of the seal developed by the company have been recognized most efficient of all the tender proposals, thus becoming a “Means of Control” for sealing teller machines, account books and receipt books in compliance with the procedure prescribed by the Order of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine №614 of December 1, 2000 (registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on February 5, 2001 № 107/5298).

During the period of 2001-2003 the company proved to be a manufacturer of high quality security holograms, and in 2004 was granted a license by the Security Service of Ukraine for running business in developing, manufacturing, use, import and export of holographic security elements with the right to fulfill orders from public agencies. This license carries the National Mark logo of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and the Security Service of Ukraine since 2007. The company develops and manufactures hologram products in compliance with the Technical Specifications TS 21.2-23500426-001: 2007 “Hologram elements and hologram security elements” registered with the State Committee of Ukraine for Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy.

Since 2004 the company has been granted the right to use inventions patented by international and Ukrainian regulators which serve as a basis for developing and introducing automated management and control systems for monitoring the circulation (use) of labeled documents and goods.

For example, in 2004 Gammagrafik Ltd. launched its automated management and control system for monitoring manufacturing, marketing and use of control means for sealing teller machines, account books and receipt books which was put into practice by the Order of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine “On Introduction of State Control System for Monitoring Manufacturing, Marketing and Use of Means of Control” № 546 of September 21, 2004 (registered with the Ministry of Ukraine on October 4, 2004 № 1252/9851).

Automated management and control technology developed by our company received a high appraisal of the country’s authorities in 2005. Paragraph 1 of the Decree of the President of Ukraine № 704/2005 of April 4, 2005 identified the obligation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to take urgent measures for the introduction of the automated system of control for manufacturing and turnover of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. Since 2006 the company has mastered the technology of developing and manufacturing of security printing products.

In 2008 Gammagrafik Ltd.’s specialists completed special training on developing, introducing and use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems applicable to certain types of documents and goods. They received relevant certificates after completing this course.

In 2008 Gammagrafik’s automated management and control system for monitoring mobile phones import into Ukraine and their distribution on the territory of Ukraine was put into practice by the Ukrainian State Center of Radio Frequency based on the Resolution of the National Commission for Communications Regulation of Ukraine № 816 of June 27, 2007 “On Introduction of Automated Control System for Monitoring Import and Distribution of Radioelectronic and Radio Frequency Emitting Devices”.

In 2008 the company mastered technologies for plastic cards manufacturing and in 2009 the presidium of the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine decided on launching the project “Social card of the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine” which was developed by Gammagrafik Ltd. on the basis of automated management and control technologies.

Gammagrafik Ltd. is a fast-growing company that works with modern technologies and at the same time develops new technologies. It has its own production facilities and highly qualified staff. Each hologram developed by our company has a resolution of no less than 4.000 DPI and high diffraction efficiency. The intensity and depth of color of our holographic images combined with original design solutions is what makes the company’s products be constantly in demand and facilitates sales in Ukraine, within the European Union, Israel, China and Africa…

We’ll be happy to develop and manufacture top quality and lowest price holograms for you.